I am a Graphic Designer and Front-end Developer based in Sydney, Australia. Since, my childhood I was always fascinated about how animation is done.
I never thought about becoming an animator but my passion for designing, wandering creative mind and above all my curiosity about animation led me to enrolment in Animation and Visual effects course in a well-known Animation Academy in India. After studying various softwares for two years, I thought of getting some practical experience and started working as Graphic Designer, thus, beginning my Career in an architectural firm and designing brochures, logos and other interactive sales and marketing collateral using a range of media from photography to computer aided design.
During my job I realised that I need to advance my skills in web designing and development and thus enrolled in a weekend course furthering my knowledge. When I came to Sydney, Australia; I enrolled myself at the Centre of Continuing Education at The University of Sydney just to realize that the softwares are similar to what I learned earlier.
After doing some freelance and volunteer work, I decided to create a web portfolio on advice of my wife. So, here I am on web. In case you wish to contact me for any job opportunity or building website creation, design and development, please feel free to contact.


Html5 & CSS3
Adobe CC
MS Office


Munish Arora



Beginning my career within an architectural firm, I played a key role in the management, production and design of projects. I designed interactive sales and marketing collateral and unique print materials including advertisements, brochures and logo designs using a range of media from photography to Computer Aided Design (CAD).

I have been driven by my own high standards of delivering innovative design solutions from concept through to completion ensuring that all work is effective, appropriate and delivered within agreed timescales.

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